Appetite Suppressants: A Prescription Weight Loss Drugs Solution

If you are one of the many people who want to fight obesity, you need to understand that this is a long-term treatment. If you are tired with the strict diet and exercise, taking some prescription weight loss drugs might help. But before you turn to this solution it would be best to consult the health experts before trying anything else. However, these drugs are not a cure all for obesity, but instead this should be taken with regular physical activity and healthy diet.

Are you one of the many people who worry the extra pounds that you have gained for a month? Or either way people with BMI that is 30 above and people with health diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure? Then, taking prescription weight loss pills might help you.

One known weight loss drugs that are intended for short-term use are appetite suppressants. These drugs promote weight loss by telling the body that it is full and not hungry. It decrease the appetite for food by increasing serotonin or catecholamin that normally affect both the mood and appetite. These drugs are usually in a tablet form or capsules.

One common appetite suppressants drug is the phentermine. The Belviq is an approved FDA drug that is used to treat long-term obesity. Common side-effects while taking this drug are headache, tiredness and dizziness. Another suppressant drugs is the Qsymia that is a combination of phentermine and topiramate. The latter causes weight loss by giving you the feeling of fullness, food taste appeal tasteless and increases calorie burning.

Another well-known weight loss drug is the Orlistat. It blocks the fats from being absorbed in the body. This is available in the market and prescribed as Xenical. The drug is known to be effective when taken with low calorie and low fat diet. For long-term used, these drugs may reduce the health risks of obese people.

Before taking any of these prescription weight loss drugs, it is necessary to discuss it with your doctor. They will check any underlying health conditions that you have such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart diseases, kidney disease, glaucoma and a lot more. People who are prescribed with appetite suppressants should follow the prescription carefully to avoid further health problems.  This can cause drowsiness and headche. However, people who are planning to take it regularly are still encouraged to take regular exercise and healthy diet.

If you are into losing some extra pounds, prescription weight loss drugs maybe your option if you want a fast and easy results. However, these drugs should be taken carefully and should be consulted with the health experts before taking any of these drugs that are available in the local drug store. They normally delay the hunger, give you the feeling of fullness and increase calorie burning in the body. However, this can cause some side-effects and may pose health risk if not taken correctly. For more information on appetite suppressants you can try to visit Pharmacy 2 U sites.

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